iTWO costX viewer

Allow Clients To
Review Projects In
Read-Only Format

Free to use and distribute!

TWO costX® viewer option makes it easy to share comprehensive projects with any stakeholder that you see fit. iTWO costX® users who wish to share live-linked cost-breakdowns, building revisions and more with clients are able to do so without incurring a cost.

Why Choose iTWO costX® viewer?

We believe in clear communication and the highest level of customer service at RIB, and iTWO costX® viewer has been introduced to support users with a similar philosophy. Client companies can review ongoing work, ask questions about detailed data or identify on-screen the impact of drawing modifications across building revisions. iTWO costX® viewer offers significant value as a tool for aiding collaboration and reassuring clients that their project is proceeding as it should be.

iTWO costX viewer

Distribute Files to Clients in Read-Only Format

Clients can view hierarchical spreadsheets, as well as embedded CAD drawings and BIM displays.

fiber_manual_record Users can get more from intuitive electronic estimates than paper print-outs could ever allow.

Enter Quotes Easily

l_record iTWO costX® users can leverage iTWO costX® viewer to help them complete a subcontractor comparison with the iTWO costX® quote feature.

fiber_manual_record Subcontractors use iTWO costX® viewer to load in an EXF file from iTWO costX® and enter their prices against the items that make up the tender package.

fiber_manual_record Save the priced items to an EXQ (Quote) file, which can then be easily imported back into iTWO costX® to evaluate the tender/quote.

TWO costX viewer

Free Download for Ease of Use

Identify on-screen issues caused by drawing modifications.

fiber_manual_record View interactive packages complete with full drawing control (pan, zoom, rotate), as well as live-linked spreadsheets where all detailed data is preserved.