iTWO costX takeoff 2D

Lose The Scale
Ruler With Our
2D Takeoff

For businesses working to a smaller budget who still want to make use of our industry-leading 2D takeoff, iTWO costX® takeoff 2D is the software option for you. iTWO costX® most basic product allows users to measure areas, lengths and counts with only a few clicks, reducing overall takeoff time by up to 80%.

The platform supports a range of 2D drawings, including scanned, CAD and PDF.

Faster, Smarter & More Accurate.

Why Choose iTWO costX® takeoff 2D?

iTWO costX® takeoff 2D represents an affordable introduction to digital takeoff for users who have only used scale rulers or Microsoft Excel® in the past. The platform is sophisticated but easy-to-learn, with a range of support options available for licence holders.
For individuals or small businesses looking to integrate digital software against a strict budget, iTWO costX® takeoff 2D carries significant potential at a competitive price. Users can eliminate errors, save time and future-proof their enterprise by implementing our digital software options.

2D Takeoff

Support for scanned, PDF, CAD and other 2D drawings. Streamline measuring processes by calculating areas, lengths and counts with a single click, cutting takeoff times by up to 80%.

Additional Features

Highlights changes to identify issues and drawing variations.

Can be integrated with iTWO costXL to link dimensions and quantities directly into Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets.