iTWO costX

The Complete
3D/BIM And 2D
Estimating Solution

Our iTWO costX® platform allows users to perform accurate and efficient measurement from 2D drawings, as well as generate automatic quantities from BIM or 3D models using the most advanced electronic takeoff system available on the market.

iTWO costX® users can prepare estimates, tenders and Bills of Quantities with ease using our fully integrated electronic environment for takeoff and estimating. The platform also features powerful spreadsheet-based workbooks that are live-linked to the drawings in question.

Faster, Smarter & More Accurate.

Why Choose iTWO costX®?

iTWO costX® is our flagship product for takeoff and is the result of years of dedication and feedback from users across the globe. The platform represents significant value for enterprises looking to reap the advantages of BIM and 3D models. iTWO costX® is scalable to support the most ambitious business projections, and is constantly developed and revised to support new innovations and estimating methods.

2D Takeoff

Support for scanned, PDF, CAD and other 2D drawings. Streamline measuring processes by calculating areas, lengths and counts with a single click, cutting takeoff times by up to 80%.

BIM / 3D Models

Accurately estimate quantities and costs based on BIM files that incorporate large repositories of data. Improve design quality, reduce errors and add value across all processes in the construction lifecycle.


Spreadsheet-based workbooks are live-linked to drawings and supported by detailed repositories of data, ensuring all necessary information can be found in the one place.


Our powerful revision mode can be used to draw comparisons between drawings and highlight new changes. Users can be confident that necessary changes are clearly defined throughout the design process.

Subcontractor Comparison

Generate workbooks for subcontractor comparison and integrate them with associated reports. The comparison tool saves time and allows the user to make a well-informed decision on specialised work.

Reports + More

Produce customised, professional quality reports that showcase your enterprise.

Sort and group works based upon codes and zones, ensuring all ongoing work is categorised correctly and easy to locate.